Coffee break by Concept Catering

Not long ago the coffee break had the format of a short break between separate blocks of conferences, seminars, trainings, negotiations, workshops and other office events. There was no any necessity of special organization, except perhaps of providing the participants with access to coffee machines. Modern coffee break has a completely different format. Although the essence of it remained unchanged. The purpose of such short events is to take a break during business meetings.

Coffee break is usually considered within the framework of business communication standards. This determines the specifics of the organization and the maintenance of short pauses.

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Coffee break catering - features of the service

Concept Catering provides an on-site coffee break service. We guarantee high quality service and provide a full-package approach.

Our coffee break menu includes a variety of dishes and drinks:

  • Juices, mineral water, tea, coffee;
  • Fresh cookies and cakes;
  • Pies, croissants with different fillings and other fragrant pastries;
  • Canapes and other cold snacks that are convenient to eat without the use of cutlery;
  • Other dishes that can be prepared individually for your event.

At your request, we can arrange a site for a private or corporate event (furniture, tableware, decorations are available for rent), as well as the cleaning of the site at the end of the coffee break.

Advantages of coffee break by Concept Catering

Concept Catering has an extensive experience in coffee breaks at business events. We are ready to offer professional, affordable catering. Delivery of mini-snacks, coffee, tea is carried out to any chosen place. Our company guarantees prompt execution of orders.

Do you urgently need to organize a coffee break during the upcoming conference, presentation, workshop, training? Concept Catering is at your service.

You can download the ready version of the menu for a coffee break right now from our website. We also offer you to find out the prices for coffee break catering, using the online service for the selection of dishes, furniture, tableware and staff or simply by leaving a request on the website. We will send you a ready solution indicating the cost within the next day.