Wedding catering by Concept Catering

Are you planning to organize a wedding banquet? Rely on Concept Catering. We offer classic and themed wedding catering on favorable terms. On-site service is the best option for couples focused on the organization of the perfect holiday.

Those wishing to order catering for the wedding often wonder whether the on-site catering will be profitable, convenient. Practice shows that wedding catering is universal. You can order the event service for both a modest wedding and a large-scale event.

Wedding catering is very different from traditional feasts organized in restaurants or cafes. First of all, this format does not attach the newlyweds and guests to the specific place. This means that you can celebrate the first family holiday in the forest, by the lake, in the field, in a hunting lodge, on an abandoned farm, in the country, etc.

Secondly, catering frees our clients from the need not only to solve organizational issues, but also to control the process directly during the event. Experience and the use of modern technologies of on-site service allow us to guarantee quality of the banquet.

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Wedding catering - features and benefits

Wedding catering by Concept Catering implies a full-packed provision of services. The menu is developed considering the specialties of the event, the client’s wishes and the cost of the event. Accomplishment of projects is possible at any budget of the customer. Here you can order the decorations corresponding to the color and theme of the wedding, equipment, textiles, tableware and furniture.

Wedding catering prices

The cost of wedding catering is determined considering the following factors:

  • A location of the holiday organization (restaurant, cottage, outdoor tent, etc.);
  • Decorations, service and technical support;
  • Menu;
  • Number of guests;
  • Additional services and customer requests.

Catering is modern, fashionable, stylish and spectacular. Want to surprise your guests? Feel free to choose the on-site restaurant service by Concept Catering.

You can calculate the cost of the wedding catering right now by contacting us in any convenient way. We are ready to discuss individually terms of cooperation and cost of service.