Prom catering by Concept Catering

Prom is a significant, unique, serious event. The brightness of graduation memories depends on the quality of its organization. Prom catering allows you not to be tied to the place. Today it is not necessary to organize a cool prom in the bar, restaurant or club. Original celebration can be held in any desired location.

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Prom catering - features of the service

Prom catering at school, college or higher education institute is a professional catering service with the provision of everything that is required for the organization and execution of the event. We take care of all issues related to the preparation and delivery of food and drinks, serving tables, reception and accommodation of the guests.

Concept Catering will organise your prom of any format. It can be a solemn banquet, a noisy party or an outdoor buffet. Depending on the chosen format, we are ready to offer different options of cold and hot snacks, main courses, desserts and drinks.

You can find out the cost of prom catering in the shortest time, using our online service for the selection of dishes, furniture, tableware and staff. You can also carry out all financial calculations with the help of our manager: leave an application on the site, and the answer with a ready solution will come within the next day.

Prom catering – where can I organize an event?

One of the advantages of our company is that we provide catering services where it is convenient for our customers:

  • in parks and gardens;
  • indoors and outdoors;
  • in assembly and sports halls of educational institutions;
  • on the terraces and in the estates;
  • on the territory of universities, colleges and schools;
  • on yachts and ships;
  • in shopping, entertainment and hotel centers.

If you have any difficulties with the preparation of the prom – please contact us! We will provide detailed advice and help determine the menu and venue of the event.