Theme catering by Concept Catering

Fashion for traditional forms of service is gradually disappearing. Today the focus is on non-standard, creative, theme events. Each event requires appropriate organization of the feast. You can order a theme banquet or buffet in a restaurant with your favorite cuisine but it can also be arranged in any other place that you choose.

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Theme catering - service concept

This type of catering is well suited for February 23, March 8, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. You can celebrate all professional and family holidays thematically.

Want your event to be really thematic? Concept Catering is at your service. We work in different styles, genres, directions. Our team has developed a variety of options for thematic menu from classic Russian style, Soviet Period, traditional hunting cuisine to the original concepts of America, Asia, Europe. We are constantly in search of new ideas. The format of the organization of on-site service is limited only by our mutual imagination.

By relying on Concept Catering, you will receive a full range of services:

  • development of gastronomic scenario (menu);
  • search for a suitable venue for the event;
  • theme design of the site;
  • selection of the staff and tableware.

We also offer specialized catering services: bar, gastronomic workshops. Each program is conducted by an expert in the relevant restaurant service.

Catering is profitable from the financial point of view. This is especially true of theme events. On-site service eliminates the need for self-purchase of decorative items and other attributes. Accordingly, additional costs can be significantly reduced.

Want to order theme catering? The professional Concept Catering team is at your service. We know how to organize an event to make it interesting and memorable. By cooperating with us, you can provide the maximum level of comfort to yourself and your guests.